Super Mario Bros tutorial

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve published something, and there are no excuses 🙂
I’ve been working hard meanwhile and I have a lot of new tutorials to share with you.

Let’s start with this classic – Super Mario Bros!

I’ve made Mario and Luigi tutorial. 
First, make two thick circles as stands. Add two brown shoes on each.
Press a little with this fondant tool.
Make two pairs of legs (use blue as jeans). Mario is a bit shorter than Luigi.
I find this sewing tool very useful for making stitches.

Leave the legs to harden. In the meanwhile make heads.

Luigi has egg shaped head and Mario a round one.

Add ears, make mouth.
Press a little where eyes and nose are supposed to go.
Add tongue.
For mustaches for Mario I’ve used this flower cutter.
Cut to the center…
Open and remove middle petal…

And here it is!

For Luigi I’ve used bigger cutter and used only two petals.
Make eyes
and add noses..big noses.
Make the rest of the pants,
and add body.
Add suspenders, and arms.
Attach the head.
Add some hair, and cap.
There are more characters I’ve made but didn’t have time to make tutorials… next time I will.
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