How to make Smurf cake toppers

These are my Smurfs cakes. I love those old fashioned smurfs and find them easier to make.
Basically, all Smurfs are similar, with few different details. So start with making blue balls for heads.
Make white legs and one red pair for Papa Smurf. Secure with wire or toothpicks and let it dry.
Add blue bodies.
You can make few sitting Smurfs.

Make Smurf hats

Use ball tools to make holes so hat can fit perfectly on heads.
Attach the hat.
Make small holes for eyes and nose with small ball tool.
Glue the nose
Make arms

Add black dots for eyes and draw mouth.

Add two small balls for ears, and using ball tool make them.
This tool set is available at MakeMeACakeSupplies
Draw and add different details for different Smurfs.
Glasses for Brainy Smurf, Red hat and pants for Papa Smurf, little present for Jokey Smurf, Flower and mirror for Vanity Smurf… you got the idea.
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If you would like to buy the toppers visit my MementoCakeToppers store
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